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Blower Door TestUS Energy Renovations was founded in September 2003 by George Kraemer, who became concerned that we in the United States were becoming increasingly too dependent on traditional fossil fuel energy and the negative impact on the environment it was causing. Hence, he positioned the company to focus on helping homeowners reduce their energy dependence and their carbon footprint.

After considerable investment in training and associated resources, the company began conducting Home Energy Health and Safety Audits under the NJ Home Performance with Energy Star® Program. While conducting these audits, it was recognized that that homeowners were becoming more concerned about the never ending increases to their basic home energy costs and usage.  Furthermore, they were actively searching for alternatives, but became increasingly frustrated as to what would provide them the best return for their money.  The company’s Energy Audits provided the analysis that gave them information to help facilitate their decisions.  Then, with US Energy Renovations' expertise, helped them to realize their projected savings and meet their objectives.

The company has now evolved into providing comprehensive whole house solutions to homeowners for just about any aspect of home remodeling and home energy efficiency.  The actual solutions employed are based on informed and responsible collective decisions by the company and the homeowner with major consideration on the impact on home energy usage, the environment and the comfort, health, and safety of our client's families.  

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