-The NJ Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program fiscal year will be ending on 6/30/2018, all projects must be prepared, approved, and fully claimed with allowance for processing prior to Friday 6/29/2018 at 4:00pm. All projects that are to participate in the fiscal year 2018 must begin being processed prior to 6/15/2018 to ensure current fiscal year participation. Any projects that begin processing after 6/15/2018 may or may not be able to participate in the fiscal year 2018 program due to processing. Projects not meeting the deadlines for the fiscal year 2018 can participate in the fiscal year 2019 that should start 7/1/2018, these projects will be subject to the current program requirements and incentives at that time.

-FY 2018 State Energy Program (SEP) Funding will soon be un-available again for customers that are not eligible for Clean Energy (CEP) Funding. This applies to customers that have oil, propane, municipal electric, or other fuel source that does not qualify for CEP funding. These funds are exhausted quickly, act now to reserve yours. There is only funding available for a few more projects statewide until the SEP program is re-funded as of 6/7/2018.

 -The Summer 2018 season is here, contact US Energy Renovations to schedule your appointment to start being more comfortable and efficient in your home. Remember, we do everything from sealing and insulating your home to upgrading you heating and cooling systems all from one place!