How to Protect Yourself from Volatile Energy Prices.

According to recent information from the Consumer Price Index, energy prices are the most volatile of any category across the country. This chart displays just how incredibly volatile they are, compared to other commodities:

energy prices

As you may know, home energy efficiency improvements are one of the best ways to protect yourself from the volatility of energy prices. Simple upgrades such as insulating your attic, sealing your ducts, and air sealing areas such as the crawlspace and attic can have a tremendous impact on your home's energy consumption (and your utility bills).

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Wind control is costly to set

Wind control is costly to set up as far as site planning and establishment and in addition the cost of apparatus. Delivering power on an extensive scale would require vast breeze ranches which take up a considerable measure of land. The area of the in a perfect world "breezy" land is regularly not in nearness to where power is required, therefore requiring the option of energy transmission lines which adds to the cost of wind vitality.

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Great article


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