Problems / Solutions

Problem: Stuffy, hot rooms. Most houses tend to have a room or two, often on an upper floor, that won't stay cool even when the air conditioning is cranked.

Problem: Cold, drafty rooms. Many homes - even new homes built to code - have one or two rooms that are plagued by drafts, remaining cold even with the heat cranked.

Problem: High Energy Bills. According to Energy Star, the average American family's yearly energy bill is $2,200.

Problem: Allergies, Asthma, Respiratory Problems. Respiratory problems - including asthma and allergies - can be compounded by the poor indoor air quality found in many homes.

Problem: Wet basement. Despite best efforts, mold can creep into a dark, wet corner of the basement.

Problem: Ice Dams. Icicles may be pretty, but they can be a real headache: ice dams can cause thousands of dollars in structural and cosmetic damages, and preventing them may be easier than you think.