Jeff - Cranford
After a quick audit we met with US Energy Renovations to review their ideas to help save energy around our home.  The spreadsheet  they presented was incredibly helpful in showing both proposed energy savings and costs.  We then discussed what made financial sense, what was required to be included in the Clean Energy Program, and what else we could do to save energy around the house. As we'd recently purchased our home and had a small budget for renovations we wanted to keep everything under the budget provided by the state rebate and zero percent loan.  After reviewing the options we were able to achieve over 25% in energy savings… (read more)
Alan - Westfield
I think one of the telltail signs that US Energy Renovations did a great job on my house is that my neighbor who has the townhouse next to me, attached, comments on how the snow melts so much faster on his roof than on mine.  He brings it up often and swears he is going to insulate his attic this season so our roofs will match.  I was just happy that George and the guys made everything so easy.  They handled the paperwork and got me the full incentive available from the state, all I had to do was sign some papers.  For me, having someone I could trust… (read more)
Mark - S. Plainfield
Dear George,  Just wanted to drop you a note with an update on the oil to gas conversion you did for me in April 2012.  When first installed, I had concerns that the new system would not be large enough to keep the house warm since we went from a 190,000 btu oil boiler to a 120,000 btu gas boiler, but there was no problem.   I saved A LOT of money by converting to gas.  With the price of oil this past winter, my oil boiler would have cost me at least $3,100 to heat the house (850 gal @ $3.70/gal); but instead, it was LESS THAN… (read more)
Jim & Melinda - Westfield, NJ
Dear Mr. Kraemer: This letter is to serve as a recommendation based on the work performed in our home this past spring by your company, U.S. Energy Renovations. We consulted you based on the recommendation of Clarke Engineering, whom we hired to install central air-conditioning.  We intended to improve the energy efficiency of our 1907 house, which was not insulated in the unfinished basement and required replacing insulation in our unfinished attic floor.  We also planned on improving the condition of the basement by installing and painting sheetrock walls, cleaning and painting the floor and installing new windows.  
Dominique - Dunellen, NJ
I hired U.S. Energy Renovations in March 2012 to perform blown-in insulation to my home. They went beyond this and did a home energy audit and were the only contractors to advise me of the NJ Home Energy Rebate Program.  The other contractors I had over to give me estimates gave me their flat fee without mention of any rebate program.  U.S. Energy Renovations is an accredited “BPI” ( Building Performance Institute ) contractor.  BPI sets the industry standards, and when it comes to home energy efficiency and the cost involved, it is wise to recruit a company that complies with industry standards as U.S. Energy Renovations does.  They… (read more)
Ed - Maplewood, NJ
      Using US Energy Renovations to insulate our house was one of the best investments we've ever made.  In subsequent years, we have more than halved our PSE&G bill.  This is especially apparent during the increasingly hotter summers we have had since the renovations.  Our insulation work was coupled with the installation of a whole house air conditioning system to replace in-window units.  In addition to our house being consistently cooler throughout, I no longer have to lug the window units in and out of storage each year. Finally, we've saved approximately $500 during each of the hottest months of the summer and the coldest months of winter.
Dan - Westfield, NJ
In the Fall of 2009, US Energy Renovations installed an energy-efficient boiler and insulation in my house in Westfield. Despite the fact that the following two winters were very cold, my heating bills fell by 45%. But while I expected my utility bills to decrease, there was something that I did not anticipate. One fall morning -- soon after the insulation was installed -- my wife and I started to leave the house wearing fall jackets. To our total surprise, we discovered that the outside temperature was extremely cold. We had not yet turned on the heat, and our insulation had provided us with a greater than expected measure… (read more)
Patcharee - Westfield, NJ
Being a new resident in New Jersey, I didn't have any experience with contractors in the area. When I asked around to see if anyone knew how I could keep my house warmer I was referred to US Energy Renovations by a couple of trusted friends. I called them up and was really happy to talk with George who explained what options were available for what I wanted to do and my budget. After coming over and doing a home energy audit, George showed me some of the problem areas in my home, explained his recommendations, and then pointed out the financing and rebates/incentives available to homeowners doing… (read more)
Ken - New Providence, NJ
Before I called US Energy Renovations, the temperature difference between rooms in my house was like walking into a food freezer from a hot kitchen. With their evaluation, US Energy determined where the problems lied. The US Energy crew showed up at our home every day to work on our project and the project manager did as well to monitor progress. Our home is now comfortable and I don't have to worry about which clothes that I have on because of the room that I am going into. The other major benefit is that with the NJ home energy rebate program, our out of pocket cost… (read more)