Snug As A Bug In A Rug

Dan - Westfield, NJ

In the Fall of 2009, US Energy Renovations installed an energy-efficient boiler and insulation in my house in Westfield. Despite the fact that the following two winters were very cold, my heating bills fell by 45%. But while I expected my utility bills to decrease, there was something that I did not anticipate. One fall morning -- soon after the insulation was installed -- my wife and I started to leave the house wearing fall jackets. To our total surprise, we discovered that the outside temperature was extremely cold. We had not yet turned on the heat, and our insulation had provided us with a greater than expected measure of comfort.

 Over the past three years, George Kraemer has immediately responded to any follow-up questions or concerns. In addition, people who have done work on our house, upon seeing the new boiler, have commented on how special it is.

 My family and I feel as snug as a bug in a rug -- at the same time that we enjoy significantly lower utility bills.