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Jim & Melinda - Westfield, NJ

Dear Mr. Kraemer:

This letter is to serve as a recommendation based on the work performed in our home this past spring by your company, U.S. Energy Renovations.

We consulted you based on the recommendation of Clarke Engineering, whom we hired to install central air-conditioning.  We intended to improve the energy efficiency of our 1907 house, which was not insulated in the unfinished basement and required replacing insulation in our unfinished attic floor.  We also planned on improving the condition of the basement by installing and painting sheetrock walls, cleaning and painting the floor and installing new windows.


After reviewing and discussing the changes we were contemplating, you brought to our attention the state energy rebate program.  We were not familiar with this program, and after explaining its requirements and benefits, we decided to go ahead with the additional work needed to qualify.  This entailed, in addition to the work discussed above, the installation of a new boiler and a new water heater (the old one was due to be replaced), air sealing the attic and basement, replacing a dryer vent that was not to code and conducting tests to gauge energy improvements.  Your company did this work, coordinating with Clarke Engineering, and also completed and filed the necessary paperwork with the state.  As the work progressed, you made other recommendations to improve the basement space which we decided to go ahead with, including replacing an old root cellar with a new enclosed wine cellar with custom built shelving.  Near the completion of the job, your employee, Scott, discovered, unbeknownst to us, that our chimney was leaking and required repairs, which was done by your company. 


The work performed by U.S. Energy Renovations was done in a prompt, professional manner.  The work area was kept clean and safe, with all debris removed and disposed of by your company.  You were always available to us for discussions about the job and responsive to our questions and concerns.  The finished product exceeded our expectations and our relationship with you and your employees was excellent.  We have worked with other contractors and home-improvement companies before, having renovated two “elderly” houses, and our experience with you and U.S. Energy Renovations rates as one of the best.  We would highly recommend you and your company to any homeowner contemplating the types of improvements we made to our home.



                                                                                                                Jim and Melinda

                                                                                                                Westfield, New Jersey