Oil to Gas Conversion

Mark - S. Plainfield

Dear George,

 Just wanted to drop you a note with an update on the oil to gas conversion you did for me in April 2012.  When first installed, I had concerns that the new system would not be large enough to keep the house warm since we went from a 190,000 btu oil boiler to a 120,000 btu gas boiler, but there was no problem. 

 I saved A LOT of money by converting to gas.  With the price of oil this past winter, my oil boiler would have cost me at least $3,100 to heat the house (850 gal @ $3.70/gal); but instead, it was LESS THAN $1,000!  I'm sure insulating the attic floor with dense pack cellulose helped, but most of the savings came from the price of fuel.