We highly recommend them...

Jeff - Cranford

After a quick audit we met with US Energy Renovations to review their ideas to help save energy around our home.  The spreadsheet  they presented was incredibly helpful in showing both proposed energy savings and costs.  We then discussed what made financial sense, what was required to be included in the Clean Energy Program, and what else we could do to save energy around the house.

As we'd recently purchased our home and had a small budget for renovations we wanted to keep everything under the budget provided by the state rebate and zero percent loan.  After reviewing the options we were able to achieve over 25% in energy savings and stay under our budget allowing our house to be more efficient in the long run with literally no out-of-pocket expenses.  

 The work was done within three days and the house was possibly left cleaner than they found it.  We have noticed a distinct decrease in the drafts as well as how often the furnace comes on and are expecting the savings in electric and gas to more than offset the cost of the loan.  This was a great process for us and thought George Jr. and Sr. to be excellent communicators at every step of the way providing paperwork and letting us know what we needed to fill out.  We highly recommend them if you are looking to save energy in your home.